IIIF WebGL / Canvas / DOM mobile-ready fast viewer powered by OpenLayers V3
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IIIF WebGL / Canvas mobile-ready fast viewer powered by OpenLayers

IIIF viewer from Klokan Technologies is optimized for desktop and mobile devices (iOS, Android), is open-source, free to use and has, compared to other viewers, the following extra features:

  • Rotation on client side: pinch with fingers, alt-shift drag with the mouse.
  • Drawing tools: polygons, lines, markers — can be used to annotate parts of the pictures.
  • Color adjustment: saturation, lightness, etc.

See full screen demo (and try it on mobile device):


And examples of use: http://klokantech.github.io/iiifviewer/examples/

It implements the IIIF protocol - see http://iiif.io/.

Developed by Klokan Technologies GmbH for the clients who are using IIIF protocol for publishing maps. The IIIF protocol can be easily used in http://www.georeferencer.com/ service.

Klokan Technologies GmbH also developed and release an open-source image server for IIIF.

See: https://github.com/klokantech/iiifserver/ and the releases, https://github.com/klokantech/iiifserver/releases