Nonparametric Statistical Methods Using R
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Nonparametric Statistical Methods Using R

At this repository are various packages developed for the book [Nonparametric Statistical Methods Using R] ( by Kloke and McKean.

Releases of Rfit and npsm are available at CRAN. The current versions of these packages can be installed using the install.packages command in R. These packages cover analyses and datasets in Chapters 1-6 of the book. Developmental versions of the packages are available at Rfit and npsm.

Code and datasets for Chapter 7 are in the packages hbrfit and npsmReg2.

Packages for Chapter 8 are jrfit, mrfit, rbgee.

To install packages directly from github use the R command install_github in the devtools package.


  • Errata for known errors is available here.
  • Code for Figure~4.9 is available here.