A 5-card poker hand evaluator/classifier in Python/Cython capable of ~200K evals/sec
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A simple 5-card poker hand evaluator and classifier implemented in Python/Cython. There are 2 functions:

  • score_5: Given a string hand representation, compute and return a score as a tuple.
  • classify_5: Given a string hand representation or score, return a string classification of the hand.

Note that hand strings are specified as, for example, "6S7D8H9STH". That is, the string must be sorted by rank and suits must be uppercase.


You can either import the Python module hands.py directly, or run the setup.py to generate a c-module via Cython. The Cython-generated module is about 33% faster.

>>> import hands
>>> hands.score_5("3C4C5C6C7C")
(9, 7)
>>> hands.classify_5(_)
'Straight Flush - 7 high'

##Tests## This module uses doctest. To run the tests type:

python hands.py    

##Benchmark## In the benchmark directory there's a script that times several thousand calls of the score_5 function and emits some statistics.

On my machine (WinXP 64-bit, Xeon W3530@2.80GHz, 12GB RAM, Python 2.7), I get:

  • Pure python module: ~145,000 calls/sec
  • Cython C module: ~200,000 calls/sec

##Usefulness## It works but is pretty slow. This was mostly an experiment to help me learn Poker. If you're looking for a high performance hand evaluator there are others out there that can do millions of hand evaluations per second. See here for more info.

#License# Public domain