A software editor for the Roland JunoGi synthesizer
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A software editor for the Juno Gi, based on Roland's midi specification.

To build:

 - Jack Audio Connection Kit
 - glib (part of the gtk project)
 - pdftotext (part of the poppler project)
 - flex and bison
 - gcc and make

First, the midi address database needs to be built.
This requires the document entitled: "JUNO-Gi MIDI Implementation", which is
available from the Roland website.

Place this file in the source directory, named as midi_manual.pdf

Then the usual build commands:

autoreconf --install (Use this if you don't have a configure script yet)
make install

This will build:
read_midi	- Lists SysEx midi events and describes them according to the
		  Roland midi manual.
sysex_explorer	- Patch editing, loading and unloading. You will probably want
		  to customise sysex_explorer.h to meet your needs. In
		  particular, you'll need to set PATCHDIR to something useful.
		  (This is the location where saved patches are written to/
		  read from).
		  Another file location #define is LOGFILE in log.h
translator	- A tool to map midi controllers to Juno-Gi specific SysEx
		  instructions. At this point it works with the Korg
midi2jacksync	- A handy tool that is useful for syncing Jack transport to the
		  Juno-Gi's digital recorder.

To use each programme, the Jack daemon must be running and a midi connection
must be made between each application and the Juno.

Note that on my system, Jack doesn't expose hardware midi interfaces by default.
If you are using qjackctl, click on 'Setup' and select the 'Raw' or 'Seq' midi

Also note that the Gi is not currently (at the time of writing) included in the
alsa kernel driver. Please see my post on Rolandclan regarding this.
Having said that, if you want to use midi2jacksync, you will require a midi to
USB converter cable. I use the Roland UM-ONE. This is required because the
Juno-Gi does not output Midi Clock on the in-built USB interface.