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hJOP MTB Network RCS Library

This repository contains library intended to be compiled into Windows dll file and linked to hJOPserver as RCS library. It connects to hJOP on one side and to MTB daemon JSON server on the other side. The library allows to connect hJOP with MTBbus.

Building & toolkit

This library was developed in vim using qmake & make. For clang-tidy to run, it is suggested to use clang as a compiler. Library is assumed to be compiled on Windows to produce dll file.


Toolchain setup on debian

$ apt install qt5-default
$ apt install bear
$ apt install clang-7 clang-tools-7 clang-tidy-7 clang-format-7


Clone this repository:

$ git clone

And then build:

$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ qmake ..
$ # qmake CONFIG+=debug ..
$ bear make

Style checking

$ cd src
$ clang-tidy-7 -p ../build -extra-arg-before=-x -extra-arg-before=c++ -extra-arg=-std=c++17 -header-filter=src/ *.cpp
$ clang-format-7 *.cpp *.h
$ clang-include-fixer-7 -p ../build *.cpp

For clang-include-fixer to work, it is necessary to build yaml symbols database. You can do it this way:

  1. Download from github repo.
  2. Execute it in build directory.


This library was created by:

Do not hesitate to contact author in case of any troubles!


This application is released under the Apache License v2.0 .