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A Kubernetes-native Build resource.
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Knative build

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This repository contains a work-in-progress build system that is designed to address a common need for cloud native development.

A Knative build extends Kubernetes and utilizes existing Kubernetes primitives to provide you with the ability to run on-cluster container builds from source. For example, you can write a build that uses Kubernetes-native resources to obtain your source code from a repository, build a container image, then run that image.

While Knative builds are optimized for building, testing, and deploying source code, you are still responsible for developing the corresponding components that:

  • Retrieve source code from repositories.
  • Run multiple sequential jobs against a shared filesystem, for example:
    • Install dependencies.
    • Run unit and integration tests.
  • Build container images.
  • Push container images to an image registry, or deploy them to a cluster.

The goal of a Knative build is to provide a standard, portable, reusable, and performance optimized method for defining and running on-cluster container image builds. By providing the “boring but difficult” task of running builds on Kubernetes, Knative saves you from having to independently develop and reproduce these common Kubernetes-based development processes.

While today, a Knative build does not provide a complete standalone CI/CD solution, it does however, provide a lower-level building block that was purposefully designed to enable integration and utilization in larger systems.

Learn more

To learn more about builds in Knative, see the Knative build documentation.

To learn more about Knative in general, see the Overview.

Developing Knative builds

If you are interested in contributing to Knative builds:

  1. Visit the How to contribute page for information about how to become a Knative contributor.
  2. Learn how to set up your development environment.
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