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Have fun while learning!

So what is this exactly?

This is an attempt at creating a markup language.

3LM is a structure language parsed in Python.

It is used for defining hierarchial objects, intended mainly to help write structured content fast and with ease. Whether you are a scientist, a programmer or an educator, 3LM can be useful for you.

3LM is intended to be a language of use for an educational platform.



The recommended way to install is using PyPI

Installation through PyPI

Creating a virtual environment is very preferrable.

$ python -m venv venv
$ python -m pip install e3lm

Installation from Github

Not preferrable, but it works too :)

$ pip install git+


# Environment variables and their default values.



Basic example

You can run these in your terminal to make sure it works:

$ e3lm --version
$ e3lm --help
$ e3lm -d code0
$ e3lm -d code0 -p json
$ e3lm examples/lesson1

More examples:

# Interpret an example.3lm file.
$ e3lm example.3lm

# Interpret demo code1 and generate graphviz dot file and view graph image.
$ e3lm -d code1 -p dot view

# Benchmarking 20 times the demo code0 for 6 measurements.
$ e3lm -d code0 -b 6 20

Additional resources

Refer to the Wiki to learn the language.

More possibilities... See e3lm.todo