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BSP Yocto layer for STM32MP - Start here to create the Yocto build environment
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Koan BSP for ST stm32mp

To get the BSP you need to have repo installed and use it as:

Install the repo utility:

$: mkdir ~/bin
$: curl > ~/bin/repo
$: chmod a+x ~/bin/repo

Download the BSP source:

$: PATH=${PATH}:~/bin
$: mkdir koan-stm32mp
$: cd koan-stm32mp
$: repo init -u
$: repo sync

At the end of the commands you have every metadata you need to start work with.

To start a simple image build:

$: source ./setup-environment build
$: bitbake core-image-minimal

You can use any directory to host your build.


To contribute to this layer you should send the patches for review to info [AT]

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