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A Java library used to interface with the Nano (cryptocurrency) RPC node
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Introduction to jNano

jNano is a Java library used to interface with the official Nano node via RPC requests. It also includes many native utilities and tools so that a node isn't always necessary.

Almost all of the features have been implemented, however it is still currently a work in progress.



This project is hosted on Maven Central. To import this library, add the following dependency into your pom.xml:



The latest Javadoc pages can be viewed online through Additional documentation can be found on the wiki pages.

Configuring the node

Before using this library, you will need to configure the node correctly.


Examples can be found on the associated wiki pages linked below:


The following dependencies are required, and are handled automatically through Maven:

Future development

A few features or commands may be currently outdated, although most should remain functional. Additional features can be found on the feature/util/account branch, although have no guaranteed functionality or documentation.

If you found this library useful and would like to offer a donation, my Nano address is xrb_34qjpc8t1u6wnb584pc4iwsukwa8jhrobpx4oea5gbaitnqafm6qsgoacpiz - any amount would be greatly appreciated :D

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