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Certbot hook for acme-dns
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A Certbot hook for acme-dns.


go get


This project is for use with the certbot manual plugin. It needs to be run as the --manual-auth-hook in the following manner:

certbot certonly --manual --manual-auth-hook '/etc/acme-dns/acme-dns-certbot-hook -config /etc/acme-dns/acme_dns.json' --preferred-challenges dns -d

In this command, you will need to change /etc/acme-dns to the path where you have placed acme-dns-certbot-hook and your config file. You will also need to change the domain and make sure you have set up the domain using acme-dns.


A sample configuration file:

    "acme_dns_url": "",
    "propagation_duration": "10s",
    "domains": {
        "": {
            "allowfrom": [
            "fulldomain": "",
            "password": "htB9mR9DYgcu9bX_afHF62erXaH2TS7bg9KW3F7Z",
            "subdomain": "8e5700ea-a4bf-41c7-8a77-e990661dcc6a",
            "username": "c36f50e8-4632-44f0-83fe-e070fef28a10"

The acme_dns_url and propagation_duration can be overwritten per domain by specifying them along with the other information.

The information in the domain section can be directly copied from the response of the /register endpoint of the acme-dns server. Only the username and password are strictly required.



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