A loose curriculum for learning the basics of Python in 30 hours (for 5th to 8th graders)
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Python Summer Camp Curriculum

Sample Activities Screenshot

A loose curriculum for a 30-hour Python summer camp for 5th to 8th graders

Exercises | Timeline | Notes

Set up

Instructors should set up the computers for students prior to the camp. The following steps are for a Windows computer.

  1. Install Visual Studio Code
  2. Search for and install the Code Runner extension within Visual Studio Code. Code Runner Extension
  3. Install Python 3.x for Windows
  4. Go to the Settings within Visual Studio Code then replace the User Settings (it'll be the panel on the right) with the following:
  "extensions.ignoreRecommendations": true,
  "code-runner.executorMap": {
    "python": "py"
  "code-runner.runInTerminal": true
  1. You should now be able to run any Python program by opening the file in the editor window and clicking the grey play button in the top right hand corner Run Code Button

Resources Used

  • Help Your Kids with Computer Coding by Carol Vorderman, Claire Quigley, Craig Steele, Daniel McCafferty, Jon Woodcock, and Seán McManus
  • Python for Kids by Jason R. Briggs