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Talk of Europe: Significant words

This repository contains the source code of the project developed during the Talk of Europe (ToE) Creative Camp #2 (23-27 March 2015, Amsterdam) by Konstantin Tretyakov, Ilya Kuzovkin & Alexander Tkachenko.

The aim of the project was to extract words, significantly overrepresented in the speeches of representatives of particular countries, or at particular timepoints. Fisher exact test was used to measure overrepresentation. Results were visualized as wordclouds, served via an interactive web application.

The application is hosted live (as of March 2017) on This repository contains the source code of the scripts used to compute the results and of the visualization web application.

Project structure

The project's code consists of three parts, each contained in a separate python package.

  • talkofeuropedb -- scripts for exporting the necessary ToE data (i.e. English texts) from LinkedPolitics RDF files into tabular (relational) format.
  • talkofeuropewords -- scripts for performing the core analysis, i.e. extracting significant words for various groupings. Final results are stored in a relational database.
  • talkofeuropeweb -- Flask-based application for visualizing results. Uses data produced by scripts from talkofeuropewords.

The source code of the packages is available under src/ subdirectory.


We use Buildout for build management. If zc.buildout is already installed in your Python system, you can prepare the project by running:

$ buildout

Otherwise, do:

$ python
$ bin/buildout

If all goes well, all the necessary scripts will be installed into the bin/ subdirectory.

Recomputing the results

In order to recompute the results (which is not really necessary, in fact, as those are provided in the repository), you will need to run through a sequence of steps. This sequence of steps is listed in the bash script. Before those are run, you need to specify appropriate configuration settings. Edit (or copy) the file, and set up the CONFIG environment variable to point to the resulting configuration file.

$ cp
... edit ...
$ export CONFIG=$PWD/
$ ./

If all goes well (which is not guaranteed as the script is more of a "action transcript" rather than a script that is really meant to be run without supervision), the results will appear in the SQLite file data/resultsdb.sqlite (unless you changed the corresponding setting in, of course).

Running the web application

The package talkofeuropeweb is a self-contained Flask web application. It contains all the computed data necessary for visualization (in a SQLite file stored in its data directory) and does not depend on the two "computation" packages. The application can be launched in debug mode by running

$ bin/talkofeurope-web run

Alternatively, you may use any WSGI container to serve the application, such as GUnicorn:

$ bin/gunicorn -b talkofeuropeweb.main:app

or PasteDeploy:

$ bin/paster serve sample_pasteconfig.ini


$ bin/gunicorn --paste sample_pasteconfig.ini


Copyright & License


Talk of Europe Creative Camp #2: Significant words from the European Parliament speeches visualized as word clouds.






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