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Spree client side invoice printing
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This extension provides a "Print Invoice" button on the Admin Orders view screen which opens a prinatble html page with the order details.

You have to set up your computer for printing, or PDF generation. Off course, if you cave a mac that is as easy as pressing the print + save as pdf buttons.

If you need server-side pdf generation, use the spree-print-invoice extension.


For spree 0.7, ie using deface and rails 3.1. There is a brach 06 for an older version

  1. To install you need to add the following lines to your Gemfile (no external dependendies)

    gem 'spree_html_invoice' , :git => 'git://'

  2. run bundler

    bundle install

  3. Copy stylesheet (possibly modify it)

rake spree_html_invoice:install:assets

  1. Configure your logo and footer text or more. It's easy as it's html.

  2. Enjoy!


  1. Set the logo path preference to include your store / company logo.

    Spree::Config.set(:html_invoice_logo_path => "/path/to/public/images/company-logo.png")

  2. Add your own own footer texts to the locale. The current footer works with :footer_left , :footer_left2 and :footer_right, :footer_right2 where the 1 version is on the left in bold, and the 2 version the "value" on the right.

  3. Override any of the partial templates. they are address, footer, totals, header, thanks , and the line_items. The whole tanks is wrapped in a thanks hook, so replace or add at will.

  4. Set :suppress_anonymous_address option to get blank addresses for anonymous email addresses (as created by my spree_last_address extension for empty/unknown user info)

  5. Enable packaging slips, by setting

Spree::Config.set(:html_buttons => "invoice,packaging_slip" #comma separated list

Use above feature for your own template if you want. For each button_name, define a subsection with header, print, and thanks, in your locale.


Next receipts and then product related stuff with barcodes.

Contributions welcome


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