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Koodilehto co-op (defunct)

Koodilehto co-op combined open technologies for your benefit from 2011 to 2017. The company has been dissoluted. IPR transferred to @HacklabJKL.

Popular repositories

  1. Bitcoin serialization and broadcasting tool (and more!)

    C 91 9

  2. website-poller Public archive

    Polls specified websites and alerts using system notifications (MIT)

    Python 10 4

  3. sonaatti-scraper Public archive

    Scraping experiment with and restify (MIT)

    JavaScript 9 3

  4. Koodilehto co-op site

    HTML 6 6

  5. invoice-generator Public archive

    Generates invoices for small businesses

    Python 6 3

  6. trafi-api Public archive

    API for Trafi registration data (MIT)

    JavaScript 3


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