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An elisp macro for managing project dir-local files in the style of use-package. Defproject is designed to provide a simplified interface to the dir-locals-set-class-variables and dir-locals-set-directory-class functions provided by Emacs. These functions permit users to set directory local variables in their configurations rather than by adding a .dir-locals file to a directory.

Defproject provides several advantages over a workflow using only dir-locals-set-class-variables and dir-locals-set-directory-class. Specifically, directories are checked for existence before class variables are assigned, variables defined in the mode properties of defproject are automatically added to the safe-local-variable-values list, and the value of each of the mode specific dir-local variables is evaluated before being assigned. This last feature allows dynamic construction of paths and other values simplifying the readability of the project definition code.

Variables defined in the :vars property are accessible anywhere within the mode variable definitions and may rely on each other. In addition to these the value of the :path property is available as project-path


(defproject girder-NEX
  :path "/home/kotfic/kitware/projects/NEX/src/girder/girder/"
  :vars ((base "/home/kotfic/kitware/projects/NEX/src/")
	 (build-dir (concat base "build/girder/"))
	 (girder-dir (concat base "girder/girder/")))
  ((projectile-project-test-cmd . (concat "cd " build-dir " && ctest -j8")))
  ((flycheck-jshintrc . (concat build-dir "tests/minerva_jshint.cfg"))
   (flycheck-jscsrc . (concat build-dir "tests/minerva_jsstyle.cfg" )))
  ((eval . (venv-workon "NEX"))
   (flycheck-python-flake8-executable . "/home/kotfic/.venvs/NEX/bin/flake8")
   (flycheck-flake8rc . (concat girder-dir "tests/flake8.cfg")))
     :name "NEX Girder"
     :command "python"
     :args '("-m" "girder" "-p" "8081")
     :cwd project-path
     :init (lambda ()
	     (venv-workon "NEX"))
     :tags '(nex girder)
     :on-output (lambda (&rest args)
		  (let ((output (plist-get args :output))
			(service (plist-get args :service)))
		    (when (s-matches? "ENGINE Bus STARTED" output)
		      (prodigy-set-status service 'ready))))))