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@elect86 elect86 released this Jun 13, 2019 · 40 commits to master since this release


In spite of the greaaat looking version number, this is a general release following 1.69, keeping with the rhythm of having more frequent, smaller releases. Reading the full changelog is a good way to keep up to date with the things dear imgui has to offer, and maybe will give you ideas of features that you've been ignoring until now!

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Thank you

Ongoing work on dear imgui is currently being sponsored by Blizzard Entertainment + general & community work by many individual users, hobbyists and studios. See the readme for details. Huge thank you to all of you, past and present supporters! You help is very meaningful.

  • First release since new multi-module structure (JVM specific)
  • Added DrawCmd.resetRenderState to request back-end renderer to reset its render state, in a standardized manner.
  • Layout: Added SetNextItemWidth() helper to avoid using PushItemWidth()/PopItemWidth() for single items.
  • Popups: Closing a popup restores the focused/nav window in place at the time of the popup opening, instead of restoring the window that was in the window stack at the time of the OpenPopup call. (#2517).
  • Examples: Vulkan: Various fixes.
  • Many many other fixes, improvements, small additions. Read below!

Breaking Changes

  • ImDrawList: Improved algorithm for mitre joints on thick lines, preserving correct thickness up to 90 degrees angles (e.g. rectangles). If you have custom rendering using thick lines, they will appear a little thicker now (about +30%). (#2518) [@rmitton]
  • Obsoleted GetContentRegionAvailWidth(), use GetContentRegionAvail().x instead! Kept inline redirection function.
  • Examples Vulkan:
    - imgui_impl_vulkan: Added MinImageCount/ImageCount fields in ImGui_ImplVulkan_InitInfo, required during initialization to specify the number of in-flight image requested by swap chains. (was previously a hard #define IMGUI_VK_QUEUED_FRAMES 2). (#2071, #1677) [@nathanvoglsam]
    - Tidying up the demo/internals helpers (most engine/app should not rely on them but it is possible you have!).

Other Changes:

  • ImDrawList: Added DrawCmd.resetRenderState to request the renderer back-end to reset its render state. (#2037, #1639, #2452). Added support for ImDrawCallback_ResetRenderState in all renderer back-ends. Each renderer code setting up initial render state has been moved to a function so it could be called at the start of rendering and when a ResetRenderState is requested. [@ocornut, @bear24rw]
  • InputText:
    - Fixed selection background rendering one frame after the cursor movement when first transitioning from no-selection to has-selection. (Bug in 1.69) (#2436) [@Nazg-Gul]
    - Work-around for buggy standard libraries where isprint('\t') returns true. (#2467, #1336)
    - Fixed ImGuiInputTextFlags_AllowTabInput leading to two tabs characters being inserted if the back-end provided both Key and Character input. (#2467, #1336)
  • Layout:
    - Added SetNextItemWidth() helper to avoid using PushItemWidth()/PopItemWidth() for single items. Note that SetNextItemWidth() currently only affect the same subset of items as PushItemWidth(), generally referred to as the large framed+labeled items. Because the new SetNextItemWidth() function is explicit we may later extend its effect to more items.
    - Fixed PushItemWidth(-width) for right-side alignment laying out some items (button, listbox, etc.) with negative sizes if the 'width' argument was smaller than the available width at the time of item submission.
  • Window:
    - Fixed window with the ImGuiWindowFlags_AlwaysAutoResize flag unnecessarily extending their hovering boundaries by a few pixels (this is used to facilitate resizing from borders when available for a given window). One of the noticeable minor side effect was that navigating menus would have had a tendency to disable highlight from parent menu items earlier than necessary while approaching the child menu.
    - Close button is horizontally aligned with style.FramePadding.x.
    - Fixed contents region being off by WindowBorderSize amount on the right when scrollbar is active.
    - Fixed SetNextWindowSizeConstraints() with non-rounded positions making windows drift. (#2067, #2530)
  • Popups:
    - Closing a popup restores the focused/nav window in place at the time of the popup opening, instead of restoring the window that was in the window stack at the time of the OpenPopup call. (#2517). Among other things, this allows opening a popup while no window are focused, and pressing Escape to clear the focus again.
    - Fixed right-click from closing all popups instead of aiming at the hovered popup level (regression in 1.67).
  • Selectable: With ImGuiSelectableFlags_AllowDoubleClick doesn't return true on the mouse button release following the double-click. Only first mouse release + second mouse down (double-click) returns true. Likewise for internal ButtonBehavior() with both _PressedOnClickRelease | _PressedOnDoubleClick. (#2503)
  • GetMouseDragDelta(): also returns the delta on the mouse button released frame. (#2419)
  • GetMouseDragDelta(): verify that mouse positions are valid otherwise returns zero.
  • Inputs: Support for horizontal scroll with Shift+Mouse Wheel. (#2424, #1463) [@LucaRood]
  • PlotLines, PlotHistogram: Ignore NaN values when calculating min/max bounds. (#2485)
  • Columns: Fixed boundary of clipping being off by 1 pixel within the left column. (#125)
  • Separator: Declare its thickness (1.0f) to the layout, making items on both ends of a separator look more symmetrical.
  • Combo, Slider, Scrollbar: Improve rendering in situation when there's only a few pixels available (<3 pixels).
  • Nav: Fixed Drag/Slider functions going into text input mode when keyboard CTRL is held while pressing NavActivate.
  • Drag and Drop: Fixed drag source with ImGuiDragDropFlags_SourceAllowNullID and null ID from receiving click regardless of being covered by another window (it didn't honor correct hovering rules). (#2521)
  • ImDrawList: Improved algorithm for mitre joints on thick lines, preserving correct thickness up to 90 degrees angles, also faster to output. (#2518) [@rmitton]
  • Metrics: Added "Show windows rectangles" tool to visualize the different rectangles.
  • Demo: Improved trees in columns demo.
  • Examples:
    - OpenGL3: Minor tweaks + not calling glBindBuffer more than necessary in the render loop.
    - Vulkan:
    - Fixed in-flight buffers issues when using multi-viewports. (#2461, #2348, #2378, #2097)
    - Added missing support for 32-bit indices (#define ImDrawIdx unsigned int).
    - Avoid passing negative coordinates to vkCmdSetScissor, which debug validation layers do not like.
    - Added ImGui_ImplVulkan_SetMinImageCount() to change min image count at runtime. (#2071) [@nathanvoglsam]
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@elect86 elect86 released this May 4, 2019 · 204 commits to master since this release

This is a general release, keeping with the beat of having more frequent, smaller releases. Reading the full changelog is a good way to keep up to date with the things dear imgui has to offer, and maybe will give you ideas of features to explore that you've been ignoring until now!


  • Added native support for u8/s8/u16/s16 data types in DragScalar, InputScalar, SliderScalar functions. [still WIP on JVM]
  • Added GetBackgroundDrawList() helper to easily submit draw list primitives behind every windows.
  • Added InputTextWithHint() to display a greyed out message when an input field is empty.
  • Added ImGuiColorEditFlags_InputHSV to edit HSV colors without internal RGB<>HSV roundtrips.
  • Various fixes in the LogXXX functions to capture UI as text.
  • Examples: OpenGL: Fixes to support GL ES 2.0 (WebGL 1.0).
  • Dozens of other fixes and improvements.


ImGuiDataType_S8/ImGuiDataType_U8/ImGuiDataType_S16/ImGuiDataType_U16 [still WIP on JVM]


Breaking Changes

  • Renamed ColorEdit/ColorPicker's ImGuiColorEditFlags_RGB/_HSV/_HEX flags to respectively ImGuiColorEditFlags_DisplayRGB/_DisplayHSV/_DisplayHex. This is because the addition of new flag ImGuiColorEditFlags_InputHSV makes the earlier one ambiguous. Keep redirection enum values (will obsolete). (#2384) [@haldean]
  • Renamed GetOverlayDrawList() to GetForegroundDrawList(). Kept redirection function (will obsolete). (#2391)

Other Changes:

  • Added GetBackgroundDrawList() helper to quickly get access to a ImDrawList that will be rendered behind every other windows. (#2391, #545)
  • DragScalar, InputScalar, SliderScalar: Added support for u8/s8/u16/s16 data types (ImGuiDataType_S8 etc.). We are reusing function instances of larger types to reduce code size. (#643, #320, #708, #1011)
  • Added InputTextWithHint() to display a description/hint in the text box when no text has been entered. (#2400) [@Organic-Code, @ocornut]
  • Nav: Fixed a tap on AltGR (e.g. German keyboard) from navigating to the menu layer.
  • Nav: Fixed Ctrl+Tab keeping active InputText() of a previous window active after the switch. (#2380)
  • Fixed IsItemDeactivated()/IsItemDeactivatedAfterEdit() from not correctly returning true when tabbing out of a focusable widget (Input/Slider/Drag) in most situations. (#2215, #1875)
  • InputInt, InputFloat, InputScalar: Fix to keep the label of the +/- buttons centered when style.FramePadding.x is abnormally larger than style.FramePadding.y. Since the buttons are meant to be square (to align with e.g. color button) we always use FramePadding.y. (#2367)
  • InputInt, InputScalar: +/- buttons now respects the natural type limits instead of overflowing or underflowing the value.
  • InputText: Fixed an edge case crash that would happen if another widget sharing the same ID is being swapped with an InputText that has yet to be activated.
  • InputText: Fixed various display corruption related to swapping the underlying buffer while a input widget is active (both for writable and read-only paths). Often they would manifest when manipulating the scrollbar of a multi-line input text.
  • ColorEdit, ColorPicker, ColorButton: Added ImGuiColorEditFlags_InputHSV to manipulate color values encoded as HSV (in order to avoid HSV<>RGB round trips and associated singularities). (#2383, #2384) [@haldean]
  • ColorPicker: Fixed a bug/assertion when displaying a color picker in a collapsed window while dragging its title bar. (#2389)
  • ColorEdit: Fixed tooltip not honoring the ImGuiColorEditFlags_NoAlpha contract of never reading the 4th float in the array (value was read and discarded). (#2384) [@haldean]
  • MenuItem, Selectable: Fixed disabled widget interfering with navigation (fix c2db7f6 in 1.67).
  • TabBar: Fixed a crash when using many BeginTabBar() recursively (didn't affect docking). (#2371)
  • TabBar: Added extra mis-usage error recovery. Past the assert, common mis-usage don't lead to hard crashes any more, facilitating integration with scripting languages. (#1651)
  • TabBar: Fixed ImGuiTabItemFlags_SetSelected being ignored if the tab is not visible (with scrolling policy enabled) or if is currently appearing.
  • TabBar: Fixed Tab tooltip code making drag and drop tooltip disappear during the frame where the drag payload activate a tab.
  • TabBar: Reworked scrolling policy (when ImGuiTabBarFlags_FittingPolicyScroll is set) to teleport the view when aiming at a tab far away the visible section, and otherwise accelerate the scrolling speed to cap the scrolling time to 0.3 seconds.
  • Text: Fixed large Text/TextUnformatted calls not declaring their size into layout when starting below the lower point of the current clipping rectangle. Somehow this bug has been there since v1.0! It was hardly noticeable but would affect the scrolling range, which in turn would affect some scrolling request functions when called during the appearing frame of a window.
  • Plot: Fixed divide-by-zero in PlotLines() when passing a count of 1. (#2387) [@Lectem]
  • Log/Capture: Fixed LogXXX functions emitting an extraneous leading carriage return.
  • Log/Capture: Fixed an issue when empty string on a new line would not emit a carriage return.
  • Log/Capture: Fixed LogXXX functions 'auto_open_depth' parameter being treated as an absolute tree depth instead of a relative one.
  • Log/Capture: Fixed CollapsingHeader trailing ascii representation being "#" instead of "##".
  • ImFont: Added GetGlyphRangesVietnamese() helper. (#2403)
  • Misc: Asserting in NewFrame() if style.WindowMinSize is zero or smaller than (1.0f,1.0f).
  • Demo: Using GetBackgroundDrawList() and GetForegroundDrawList() in "Custom Rendering" demo.
  • Demo: InputText: Demonstrating use of ImGuiInputTextFlags_CallbackResize. (#2006, #1443, #1008).
  • Examples: GLFW, SDL: Preserve DisplayFramebufferScale when main viewport is minimized. (This is particularly useful for the viewport branch because we are not supporting per-viewport frame-buffer scale. It fixes windows not refreshing when main viewport is minimized.) (#2416)
  • Examples: OpenGL: Fix to be able to run on ES 2.0 / WebGL 1.0. [@rmitton, @gabrielcuvillier]
  • Examples: OpenGL: Fix for OSX not supporting OpenGL 4.5, we don't try to read GL_CLIP_ORIGIN even if the OpenGL headers/loader happens to define the value. (#2366, #2186)
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@elect86 elect86 released this Mar 1, 2019 · 290 commits to master since this release

v1.68.1 beta 0

  • Lwjgl 3.2.2-3
  • Shadow 4.0.4
  • Kotlin 1.3.21
  • Kotlintest 3.2.1
  • Gradle 5.2.1

Special thanks to @Sylvyrfysh for:

  • GL2 backend, MacOS support
  • custom rendering
  • bezier curves
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@elect86 elect86 released this Jan 20, 2019 · 452 commits to master since this release

New Features:

  • drag & dropping
  • tabs
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@elect86 elect86 released this Sep 21, 2018 · 618 commits to master since this release

  • fixed kool dependencies
  • removed deprecated gln.buff
  • commented out temporarily vkk stuff

bump up:

  • kotlin 1.2.70
  • gradle 4.10.2
  • kotlintest 3.1.10
  • uno
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@elect86 elect86 released this Aug 6, 2018 · 627 commits to master since this release

Kotlin 1.2.60

  • light-jar without any other fonts except the default one, thanks to chrjen
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@elect86 elect86 released this Jul 31, 2018 · 639 commits to master since this release

Several small bugs fixed (thanks to @chrjen)

Lwjgl 3.2.0

Assets 6

@elect86 elect86 released this Jul 18, 2018 · 709 commits to master since this release


Kotlin 1.2.51
Gradle 4.9
Shadow 2.0.4

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