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nheqminer for macOS with AVX and CUDA
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nheqminer : CPU & GPU miner for macOS

This repository builds standalone nheqminer binaries for macOS platform without installing brew.
No additional dependency required, all tools (autotools, cmake etc.) and libraries (boost) are compiled from scratch.
Two flavours of nheqminer (SSE2 and AVX, AVX and CUDA) are built using llvm-g++ with minimal binary dependency.

Build instructions

$ git clone
$ cd nheqminer-macos
$ source environment
$ make

In case of an error please run the following command for debug info

$ PRINT_DEBUG=y make all

After successful compilation, three binaries will be created under miner directory

nheqminer-cpu (only CPU, SSE2 and AVX)[USE_CPU_TROMP, USE_CPU_XENONCAT]  
nheqminer-gpu (CPU & GPU >= SM 5.0, AVX and CUDA)[USE_CPU_XENONCAT, USE_CUDA_DJEZO]  
nheqminer-old (older GPU's >= SM 3.0 & < SM 5.0, AVX and CUDA)[USE_CPU_XENONCAT, USE_CUDA_DJEZO]  

NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit 9.2 (from should be installed
CUDA Toolkit 9.2 compatible 'Command Line Tools for Xcode 9.2' is needed (from

nheqminer-gpu depends on CUDA capable graphics card with "Compute Capability" >= 5.0, for older ("Compute Capability" >= 3.0) cards use nheqminer-old

Run instructions

    -h		Print this help and quit
    -l [location]	Stratum server:port
    -u [username]	Username (bitcoinaddress)
    -a [port]	Local API port (default: 0 = do not bind)
    -d [level]	Debug print level (0 = print all, 5 = fatal only, default: 2)
    -b [hashes]	Run in benchmark mode (default: 200 iterations)

CPU settings
    -t [num_thrds]	Number of CPU threads
    -e [ext]	Force CPU ext (0 = SSE2, 1 = AVX, 2 = AVX2)

NVIDIA CUDA settings
    -ci		CUDA info
    -cv [ver]	Set CUDA solver (0 = djeZo, 1 = tromp)
    -cd [devices]	Enable CUDA mining on spec. devices
    -cb [blocks]	Number of blocks
    -ct [tpb]	Number of threads per block
Example: -cd 0 2 -cb 12 16 -ct 64 128

Simple CPU benchmarking

./nheqminer-cpu -b -t 2

Simple GPU benchmarking

./nheqminer-gpu -b -cd 0
./nheqminer-old -b -cd 0

Command line invocation for mining

./nheqminer-xxx -l <server:port> -u <wallet-address>.<worker> <cpu-mining-args> <gpu-mining-args>


Original authors of nheqminer


If you feel this project is useful to you. Feel free to donate.

BTC address: 16tBzFMfC9Nj5i9n3xYGdipNFbYTyFTHWt
ZEC address: t1MW8Vx4SF1ewmL3rTN8UfRxULFTaugh1ab
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