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An application for managing and interacting with blockchain full nodes
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Open Source sōshen

The open-sourced version of sōshen boosts developer efficiency and productivity by furnishing them with an extensible foundation for managing and monitoring their applications' blockchain interactions (for now, only Cardano is supported - using sōshen with IOHK's Project Icarus would be the fastest way to get up and running).

sōshen consists of the following three components:

  • Dashboard. A mobile-friendly web application that provides an intuitive user interface for creating and managing projects and tracking their blockchain requests
  • Dashboard API. A server application that handles inbound HTTP requests from the dashboard application and reads and writes data to the databases accordingly
  • Node API. A server application that checks inbound HTTP requests for valid project credentials and updates the stats database, before forwarding them to a Cardano full node API (currently, sōshen is set up for use with Project Icarus)

Running your very own sōshen

  1. Install Docker and Docker Compose


We've containerized sōshen's components using Docker so that you won't have to install the project's dependencies one-by-one (Node.js, PostgreSQL, etc.). Follow the instructions at the official Docker website to install Docker:

Docker Compose

By using Docker Compose, we'll be able to orchestrate the build and run steps for each of our application's containers with a single command. Follow the instructions on the official Docker website to install Docker Compose

  1. Clone the GitHub code repository to your machine

If you don't already have git, you can follow well-written instructions from Atlassian (make sure to scroll to the section for your OS).

After installing git, run the following command to clone the repo and enter the repo directory:

git clone [repo] && cd [repo]

  1. Run sōshen

docker-compose up

It may take a few minutes, but that's it! After all the containers are running, you can visit the dashboard at http://localhost:8100.

Extend sōshen

Currently, the "master" branch does not have any sort of WebSocket functionality and would not be able to support the demo applications that we've open-sourced here:

To provide developers with the capability to run the above projects, we've created an "extended" branch which contains two things:

  1. A sōshen-fork of Project Icarus's backend service component (added as a submodule). Original and sōshen-fork
  2. A modified sōshen's node API application which contains logic for subscribing to the backend service (above) and handling client WebSocket requests (view the diff between branches here).
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