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Ubigraph Erlang Client (and Process Visualizer)
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Erlang Visualizer using Ubigraph

This is a simple visualizer for erlang systems using Ubigraph.

To use,

  • Download the Ubigraph server from Unpack it and just run the command line tool bin/ubigraph_server. A black window will appear.
  • Grab a copy of erlubi from github git clone git://
  • Compile erlubi using ./rebar get-deps; ./rebar compile
  • Run erlang with -pa erlubi/ebin -pa erlubi/deps/xmlrpc/ebin on the command line
  • (alternatively, you can instead directly type code:add_pathsa(["erlubi/ebin","erlubi/deps/xmlrpc/ebin"]) inside the shell)
  • Launch the visualizer/tracer using erlubi_tracer:run() inside your erlang shell.

Now erlubi_tracer will first build a structure corresponding to present processes in your VM, and then install erlang trace hooks to receive notifications of new Erlang processes and links being created.


Using erlubi

You can also use erlubi for your own visualizations in Erlang.

  • Run erlubi:start()
  • Create vertex: {ok, Vertex} = erlubi:vertex()
  • Create edge: {ok, Edge} = erlubi:edge(Vertex1, Vertex2)
  • Set attributes: Vertex:shape(sphere), Edge:stroke(dashed)
  • Clear the graph space: erlubi:clear()

See src/erlubi_edge.erl and src/erlubi_vertex.erl for more attributes to set.


The code is available under APACHE LICENSE, you're free to clone, fix and add features.

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