Playing with C++11. A typechecked printf, among other things.
C++ Scheme
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k11 - playing with C++11

Where I play with fancy new C++11 features, and also make a library of (hopefully) useful things.

What's there now

  • src/tests/* - various small tests of C++11 features.

  • print.hpp - A typechecked printf/fprintf. Adapted from a lecture by Andrei Alexandrescu.

Examples of use:

using namespace print;

pr("Hello, world!\n"); // same as printf
pn("Hello, world!"); // printf + \n
string world = "World";
pr("Hello, %s!\n", world); // print std::strings directly
pn("Hello, %s!", false); // print bools into %s (prints true or false)

// most regular format strings should pass
pn("Char: %c %c", 'a', 65);
pn("Numbers: %#x %i %03d %u", 300, 50, -30, 18U);
pn("Pointer: %08p", (char*)nullptr);