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Allows you to translate blocks of text within org-mode.
Emacs Lisp
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Org Babel Translate

Translate text in Emacs’ org-mode blocks, like so:

This is a test.

: Dies ist ein Test .

Or with multiple destination languages:

This is a test.

| de | Dies ist ein Test . |
| fr | Ceci est un essai . |
| ar | هذا هو الاختبار.    |
| ja | これはテストです。  |


If you’re hooked up to MELPA:

M-x package-refresh-contents
M-x package-install RET ob-translate

Alternatively just grab the single ob-translate.el file and install that in your preferred way.


Beta. It works for me, but I’ll bet there are some character encoding issues in there for some languages. Please file an issue if you spot a problem.


Each block supports the following arguments:

:srcSource language.#+BEGIN_SRC translate :src de‘auto’ (for auto detection).
:destDestination language(s).#+BEGIN_SRC translate :dest it,fr‘en’ (for English).

:dest may be a single country-code, or a comma-separated list.

All defaults are customizable with M-x customize-group RET ob-translate.

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