Based on macfanatic formtastic_datepicker_inputs, for Rails < 3.1
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Formtastic Datepicker Inputs

This plugin is based on a blog post by

The concept is simple. It adds a new form input to formtastic that can be used like this:

    <% semantic_form_for @master do |f| -%>
        <% f.inputs do -%>
          <%= f.input :name %>
          <%= f.input :born, :as => :date_picker %>
        <% end -%>
        <%= f.buttons %>
    <% end -%>

It adds a class onto a normal text input called 'ui-date-picker', and for the parent <li> it adds a class called 'date_picker.' Assuming you have already referenced jquery, and jqueryui in your layout, you can then hook into this with a call from jquery:


Put this in your application.js or some other js file.

ActiveAdmin integration

In the Gemfile add this gem after ActiveAdmin (gem 'active_admin') to make sure it loads after and overrides/extends ActiveAdmin appropriately.

The ActiveAdmin extensions can be found in lib/active_admin in this project.

Development Environment

We currently support both Rails 2 and Rails 3, under Ruby 1.8.7-ish (and 1.9.2-ish). That means, at a bare minimum, you'll want to set-up two rvm gemsets to run your specs against. So, fork the project on Github, clone it, make some gemsets, run bundler, run your specs and then finally set-up an .rvmrc file that specifies Rails 3 as your default gemset and cd back into that directory to load in the .rvmrc file. Something like this:

cd ~/code/formtastic
rvm gemset create formtastic-rails3
rvm gemset use formtastic-rails3
gem install bundler
bundle install
rake spec
rm Gemfile.lock
rvm gemset create formtastic-rails2
rvm gemset use formtastic-rails2
gem install bundler
RAILS_2=true bundle install
RAILS_2=true rake spec
touch .rvmrc
echo "rvm gemset use formtastic-rails-3" > .rvmrc
cd ~/code/formtastic

Also, most of the testing environment has been copied straight of formtastic, so if something doesn't make sense here, it probably did where I grabbed it from.


  • Grzegorz Brzezinka
  • Nik Petersen
  • Alan Harper