JavaScript ray casting engine for pseudo 3D games.
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Gladiator 3D

JavaScript ray casting engine for pseudo 3D games. This implementation is not bound to any library (i.e. works with or without Prototype / JQuery) and should work with all recent browsers which support the canvas element.

Check out the demo ...

Screenshot Game Example


Gladiator 3D was written by Matthias Ladkau.

Based on:

Creating pseudo 3D games with HTML 5 canvas and raycasting tutorial by Jacob Seidelin

Ray-Casting Tutorial For Game Development And Other Purposes by F. Permadi

Lode's Raycasting Tutorial by Lode Vandevenne


Gladiator 3D is released under the MIT license.

How to use

Best take a look in the example folder. There is a simple demo which demonstrates the basic concepts. And there is a more complex game demo which shows a playable game with all of the main mechanics working.