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Hazama is a GUI application for keeping diary, simple and highly customizable. It's developed in Python3 with PySide.

Project Site | Help | Downloads

Build & Install

  • Run: ./ build_qt && ./
  • Install: ./ build_qt && ./ install && hazama
  • Build EXE: ./ build_qt && build_exe && build\hazama.exe

Requirements (Arch Linux ver; AUR also available): python3, python-pyside, python-pyside-tools

Requirements (Ubuntu ver): python3, python3-pyside, pyside-tools, qt4-linguist-tools

EXE packaging requires cx_Freeze

Wheels for PySide/PyQt

see hazama/ui/ and hazama/ui/

  • QSSHighlighter: simple QSS syntax highlighter
  • DragScrollMixin: handle Drag & Scroll
  • MultiSortFilterProxyModel
  • DateTimeDialog
  • HeatMap: a heat map that looks like a calendar