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Linux Kernel TLS/DTLS Socket

Note that the implementation is under heavy development. Use on your own risk!

This kernel module introduces an AF_KTLS socket. AF_KTLS socket can be used to transmit data over TLS 1.2 using TCP or DTLS 1.2 using UDP. Currently, there is supported only AES GCM cipher.

The socket does data transmission, the handshake, re-handshaking and other control messages have to be served by user space using appropriate libs such as OpenSSL or Gnu TLS. AF_KTLS socket appears to be faster especially for transmitting files without user space (buffered-copy) interaction (using sendfile(2) or splice(2)).

The socket uses RFC5288 proposed on Linux crypto mailing list by Dave Watson from Facebook. The latest patches for rfc5288 are included in this repo. If you want to look at benchmarking scenarios or test your use case speed impact, visit AF_KTLS tool.

See issues for awaiting enhancements or bugs.

See also AF_KTLS tool, AF_KTLS visualize.

Conference Talks

Fridolín Pokorný - AF_KTLS - TLS/DTLS Linux kernel module

Feb 5th 2017, Brussels, Belgium: FOSDEM

Fridolín Pokorný - AF_KTLS - TLS/DTLS Linux kernel module

Jan 21nd 2017, Brno, Czech republic: Devconf.cz

Dave Watson - Kernel TLS (Transport Layer Security) Socket

Oct 5th 2016, Tokyo, Japan: Netdev 1.2