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Krew helps you discover and install kubectl plugins on your machine.

You can install and use [a wide variety of][list] kubectl plugins to enhance your Kubernetes experience.

Let's get started:

  1. [Install and set up]({{<ref "setup/">}}) Krew on your machine.

  2. Download the plugin list:

    {{<prompt>}}kubectl krew update
  3. Discover plugins available on Krew:

    {{<prompt>}}kubectl krew search
    {{<output>}}NAME                            DESCRIPTION                                         INSTALLED

access-matrix Show an RBAC access matrix for server resources no advise-psp Suggests PodSecurityPolicies for cluster. no auth-proxy Authentication proxy to a pod or service no [...]{{}} ```

  1. Choose a plugin from the list and install it:

    {{<prompt>}}kubectl krew install access-matrix
  2. Use the installed plugin:

    {{<prompt>}}kubectl access-matrix
  3. Keep your plugins up-to-date:

    {{<prompt>}}kubectl krew upgrade
  4. Uninstall a plugin you no longer use:

    {{<prompt>}}kubectl krew uninstall access-matrix

This is practically all you need to know to start using Krew.

[list]: {{< relref "" >}}