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OpenELB Logo

OpenELB is an open-source load balancer implementation designed for exposing the LoadBalancer type of Kubernetes services in bare metal, edge, and virtualization environments.

Why OpenELB

In cloud-based Kubernetes clusters, Services are usually exposed by using load balancers provided by cloud vendors. However, cloud-based load balancers are unavailable in bare-metal or on-premise environments. OpenELB allows users to create LoadBalancer Services in bare-metal, egde, and virtualization environments for external access, and provides the same user experience as cloud-based load balancers.

Core Features

  • Load balancing in BGP mode and Layer 2 mode
  • ECMP routing and load balancing
  • IP address pool management
  • BGP configuration using CRDs
  • Installation using Helm Chart



Without a bare-metal environment yet? Doesn't matter!

You can learn how to use OpenELB in a cloud-based Kubernetes cluster by following the OpenELB Documentation.


OpenELB has been adopted by many companies all over the world. If you are using OpenELB in your organization, welcome to join the end user community and add your logo to the list!


OpenELB Roadmap lists the features and bug fixes for each milestone. If you have any new ideas, feature requests or suggestions, please submit a proposal.

Support, Discussion and Contributing

OpenELB is a sub-project of KubeSphere.



OpenELB is a promising newcomer in Service proxy, which enriches the CNCF CLOUD NATIVE Landscape.


OpenELB is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See LICENSE for the full license text.