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Quick CAN frame inspection using CAN_RAW
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canqv is a small C-program which shows a (subset of a) list of CAN frames found on a CAN bus. The main goal is to provide a quick view on CAN.


$ canqv can0

Outputs a refreshing list of found CAN identifiers on the terminal. The list is sorted, and contains the databytes of the last CAN frame with the CAN identifier, and a guess of the repetition period is shown next to the CAN frame.

canqv vs. cansniffer

cansniffer requires CAN_BCM sockets, and is limited to 11bit CAN identifiers.

canqv overcomes these limitations, with higher cpu-load as a consequence.


Cross-compiling is done by creating in the libenumif root. may add, overrule, extend Makefile variables.

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