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A module for MagicMirror which displays ETA and surge pricing for lyft.
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A module for the Magic Mirror. This module displays ETA and primetime percentage for Lyft.

The module is loosely based on another Uber module that I could not get working due to a CORS error.


To install, clone this repository into your modules folder. Then add the following to your configuration file:

    module: 'MMM-lyft',
    position: 'top_left',
    header: 'Lyft (DC)',
    config: {
        lat: XX.XXXX,  // use your exact pickup loaction
        lng: XX.XXXX, // use your exact pickup loaction
        clientId: '<your client ID>', 
        clientSecret: '<your client secret>',

The client ID and client secret are acquired through Lyft by registering as a devloper.

Configuration Options

The following properties can be configured:

Options Description
header Can be changed to any string or left blank: ' '
ride_types The ride type for time and cost estimates. The latest release allows for multiple ride types to be displayed through one module. Add to the config: {} section.
Possible values: 'Lyft Plus', 'Lyft Line', 'Lyft Premier', 'Lyft Lux', 'Lyft Lux SUV'.
Default value: 'Lyft'.
Examples: ride_types: [ 'Lyft Line' ] or ride_types: [ 'Lyft', 'Lyft Plus' ]
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