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Starter Boilerplate for Tailwind CSS, TypeScript, and Next.js
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Tailwind CSS + TypeScript + Next.js Starter

This is a lightweight starterkit / boilerplate to get up and running with Tailwind CSS, TypeScript and Next.js. It is also production-ready with a Purge CSS setup.

Why make this boilerplate?

Tailwind, Next.js, and TypeScript is an excellent stack for building web apps. The most annoying part of using the stack is setting it up every time, so I made an easy to use template that I and many others can use.


1. Clone Repo

Github released Github Templates which allows users to generate a new repo from a template repo that will have the exact same files and structure. You can generate your own repo from this template by using this link.

From there, you can clone your own repo and modify it however you like.

If you would rather clone this repo, go to the command line and run:

git clone <your-project-name>
cd <your-project-name>

2. Install Dependencies

yarn # npm i

3. Run Development Environment

yarn dev # npm run dev

Test Production Environment

I also included a stage script that will build and start a production server. You can run it with:

yarn stage # npm run stage

Alternatively you can run:

yarn build # npm run build
yarn start # npm start

Important Notes

  • Be sure to update the package.json to include your own information for the project you're working on.
  • Purge CSS will only run in production, so use either build or stage to run it and minimize your CSS file size. You can also modify the postcss.config.js file to enable Purge CSS in development.
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