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An engine in C++ to play the board game Ataxx
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Tiktaxx is a C++ engine for the board game Ataxx. It uses traditional alphabeta methods such as null move pruning, killer moves, and a transposition table.

About the game

Ataxx is a two player, turn-based, perfect information board game created in 1988.
Wikipedia article

Build instructions

git clone --recurse-submodules
follow the libataxx build instructions
cd ./tiktaxx

UAI protocol

UAI stands for "Universal Ataxx Interface" and is a slightly modified version of the Universal Chess Interface protocol. The only differences are that instances of 'c' for 'chess' have been replaced by 'a' for 'ataxx', and that the FEN format has been altered to suit the game.

FEN strings

"x" are player one's pieces. "o" are player two's pieces. Numbers represent the number of empty squares. Dashes represent blocked squares. The final character shows the current side to play.

x5o/7/7/7/7/7/o5x x
x5o/7/2-1-2/7/2-1-2/7/o5x x

Play without a GUI

Tiktaxx supports the 'manual' mode that should be more suitable for entering commands manually than the UAI protocol. A board will be printed in text and moves can be entered with chess-like algebraic notation e.g. g1g3, b6, etc

Ataxx tools

Some potentially useful python scripts for Ataxx engine development, among other things, can be found here:
Ataxx tools

Example UAI usage

id name Tiktaxx
id author kz04px
go depth 5
info depth 1 nodes 15 score -135 time 0 pv f1
info depth 2 nodes 45 score 261 time 0 pv f1
info depth 3 nodes 565 score -147 time 0 pv g2 b1
info depth 4 nodes 1213 score 273 time 0 pv g2 b1 f1 a2
info depth 5 nodes 6787 score -53 time 1 pv f2 b1 e1 a2 e1c1
bestmove f2

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