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Try it now in CWS

Chrome Web Server - an HTTP web server for Chrome (chrome.sockets)

Get it in the chrome web store:

Many people have found the webstore version useful for doing some basic web development as an alternative to python -m SimpleHTTPServer. But it can also be used for quick file sharing over a local network.


  • serve local files
  • configure listening port
  • configure listening interface (e.g. localhost or all interfaces)
  • custom http handlers possible
  • websocket support available
  • works nice with chrome.runtime.onSuspend
  • options for autostart, start in background, etc etc.
  • handles range requests, HEAD, etc
  • options for CORS
  • optional PUT, DELETE request (for upload files)
  • sets MIME types
  • can render directory listing
  • See relevant options:

How to include into your own chrome app

run to concatenate all the required files together and then include the resulting wsc-chrome.min.js in your project. Here is an example of another project's usage:

=== Basic usage:

var app = new WSC.WebApplication(options)
app.start( callback )

options: object, with keys

    var handlers = [
        ['.*', DefaultHandler]

handlers is an array of 2 element arrays where the first item is a regular expression for the URL and the second is the handler class, which should extend WSC.BaseHandler

    function StaticHandler() {
        this.disk = null
        chrome.runtime.getPackageDirectoryEntry( function(entry) { this.disk = entry }.bind(this) )
    var FavIconHandlerprototype = {
        get: function(path) {
            // USE HTML5 filesystem operations to read file
        onReadFile: function(evt) {
            if (evt.error) {
                this.write('disk access error')
            } else {

==== Building

Unfortunately there is a build process if you want to run this from source directly because I am using a Polymer ( user interface. There is a bower.json in the polymer-ui folder and you will need to install node+npm+bower and then run bower install from that folder. Oh, and then you will need to "Refactor for CSP" (chrome apps do not allow inline scripts), one way of doing this is using (open the folder and right click and select refactor for CSP)

I'm now using a script that can do this (look in polymer-ui/ You'll need to npm install -g vulcanize crisper)


Get it in the chrome web store:

The default behavior right now is very simple. You choose a directory to serve static content. It is now able to stream large files and handle range requests. It also sets mime types correctly.

Here is an example project based on it:


MIT license

I wrote this because the example app provided by google would lock and hang and had all sorts of nasty race conditions. Plus it would not stream large files or do range requests, HEAD requests, etc, etc.

The design of this is inspired heavily by to the Python Tornado Web library. In this as well as that, you create an "app" which registers handlers. Then under the hood it will accept connections, create an HTTPConnection object, and that has an associated IOStream object which handles the nonblocking read/write events for you.

See CREDITS file