Places a button to the left of the Window List to hide all windows and show the current desktop, the original function was pulled from MGSE's Window List and has since been updated and patched many times as they are no longer running gnome-shell upstream.
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other_icons v21 stable see readme for changes fixed minor warning in prefs.js as … Apr 26, 2015
LICENSE minimizes and restores only unminimized windows again Apr 12, 2015

This is my first Gnome Shell Extension.

The idea of this was taken from the MGSE Window List as a proof of concept, and for the fun of learning how js works with Gnome Shell, it has been a great learning curve already.


reimpliment placement options done impliment icon options and more placement options restore last focused window done create keybinding started possibly store settings after shell/system restart they currently only save when extension disabled/enabled


Places a button to the left(default) of the App Menu to hide all windows, and the Overview if active, and show the current desktop. Panel location can be changed via prefs. The visible icon changes when you have toggled hiding/showing of the desktop. Can now be controlled via space/keyboard as well, when hovered, this can be achieved with ctrl/alt/tab/panel/arrows/space or enter. Eventually actual keybinding will happen(v22??).

icon credit madkristoff(thanks, this is still the only icon created and submitted!) credit: madkristoff, jonnius, mbokil, simonthechipmunk, MGSE, erguille, mikechaberski, mathematicalcoffee, asan, spinus, Xes, gcampax, magcius.

v21: cleanup v20 store toggle mode when panel location changed remove st.bin fix settings leak this is stable now! v20: Huge release lots of cleanup, now works with space or enter when hovered, also restores focus to last focused window. v19: localized thanks to jonnius, icon now toggles modes to indicate status of windows. v18: stylesheet removed, now uses system style, more cleanup & notations. v17: placement option returns, left right or center only for now. v16: skipped, bug on ego caused version jump. ego does not have editting or rebasing options v15: minimizes and restores only unminimized windows again, added gpl, more cleanup, 18 will fix icon and remove stylesheet probably v14: lots of cleanup, now an actual button that doesnt break keyboard/panel functionality, and major shoutouts to those that make this possible.

v13: reimplimented entire structure based on shell changes since 3.12, this is now more of an actual button than ever(see wip branch too). tray gone as it has been practically removed from 3.16, initial 3.12-3.16 support. patched non-working show desktop function temporarily disabled placement options

v12: Message Tray option returns, can add to the center of the tray. New icon(thanks madkristoff!) Position setting in prefs tool. todo: icon setting, add hide overview switch, compat w/show desktop from overview extension.

1 click install from E.G.O: