Nitrogen 1.6.1

@daf daf released this Feb 11, 2017 · 20 commits to master since this release

Nitrogen 1.6.1 is primarily a bugfix release.

Issues Fixed

  • Root window detection for windows such as conky fixed (#40, #90, #88, #86, #89)
  • Fixed Mutter detection, added wrapped mode for mutter (#78)
  • Respect $PREFIX for application data (@berkley4, #70)
  • Don't set show desktop key for Nemo (#91)
  • No-op when Apply is pressed and nothing is selected (#92)
  • Translations now install again (#64)
  • Xinerama disabled compilation fix (@jer-gentoo, #84)
  • Random codepath if statement fix (#85)
  • README spelling error (@gfa, #82)


Nitrogen 1.6.0: Finally

@daf daf released this Nov 13, 2016 · 43 commits to master since this release

After many years of stop start development and forever pushing the goalposts back, here is 1.6.0. This is our first release in 5+ years, fixing many issues and bringing new features into the fold.

NOTE: the configuration/detection mechanism has changed in 1.6.0 due to the internal refactor of setters, most heads will be detected as "Xinerama" by default, which means your configuration file from 1.5.2 may need to be update.d

I fully expect there to be some out of date things from this release (ie translations) - we'll make sure 1.6.1 doesn't take as long.

Thank you to all contributors, testers, maintainers etc for your work and patience!

The following is an attempt at all the new things being shipped - if I missed your contribution, sorry, it's quite a long list!


  • Keyboard shortcuts (#10)
  • Select head on command line with (--head) (@jaypikay, #13)
  • Exit confirmation dialog (@jameh, #33)
  • Can restore original background in X if changes not confirmed
  • Sorting and recursion pref options (@easysid, #47, #23)
  • Icon view with captions (#15)
  • Random background selector (Ctrl+R or --random)
  • Mutter support (#61)
  • LXDE support (#63, #80)
  • SVG image file support (@Vladimir-csp, #75)
  • Translations:

Issues fixed


  • Major refactor of setter code/organization, easier to support external background setters (gnome/lxde/xfce etc) (#25)
  • Autotools refactor (@JamesNZ/@JamesWrigley, #42, #45)
  • Whitespace cleanup (@jubalh, #56)
  • Notes for packagers about C++11 (@rtlanceroad, #65)