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.. is a minimalistic menu for Wayland-based compositors.


Make sure you setup a wayland environment, in particularly WAYLAND_DISPLAY env var must be set. wlr_layer_shell protocol is not necessary but preferred. There are several installation options:

  • Pre-built release binaries are published at the Release page. Although these are built in Ubuntu environment it should also work for other Linux distributions.
  • [for Archlinux] there are yofi-bin and yofi-git AUR packages for binary and from-source builds.
  • Build last release version from with cargo install yofi.
  • Build with nix: nix profile install github:l4l/yofi.
  • Or you can manually build from sources.

User documentation

User documentation is located at Wiki pages. Feel free to open an issue if something is unclear, missing or outdated.



For building the project you need rust compiler and cargo package manager (usually distributed via rustup). Once installed you may build & run the project with the following command:

cargo run --release


You can build project using nix:

nix build


Contributions are welcome, but make sure that:

  • [If that's a new feature or it changes the existing behavior] you've discussed it in the issue page before the implementation.
  • Your patch is not a refactoring.
  • rustfmt and clippy are checked.
  • [optionally] Added docs if necessary and an entry in