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Sony Playstation PSX executables loader for GHIDRA

Video tutorial on how to deal with overlays:


  • Install GhidraDev plugin into Eclipse
  • Add your Ghidra installation dir
  • Import this repository into Eclipse
  • Do GhidraDev -> Link Ghidra...
  • Press GhidraDev -> Export -> Ghidra module extension...


  • Open Ghidra, go to File -> Install Extensions... and select the .zip file generated by the previous step

Analysing PSYQ LIBs and OBJs

  • In case you have a directory with OBJ-files extracted from a LIB-file, create an empty PSYQ_LIBNAME_XXX file, where LIBNAME is your LIB-file name (for ex. LIBSND) and XXX is PSYQ version number according to this list.
  • In case you want to batch-import all OBJ-files for a LIB-file or import a standalone OBJ-file (like 8MBYTE.OBJ), create an empty PSYQ_XXX file, where XXX is PSYQ version number according to this list.

Patches format (example here)

  • ~ - is for replacing some pattern in a signature. check field is the original bytes in the signature to compare with
  • + - is for adding some pattern in a signature
  • - - is for removing some pattern from a signature

! pos fields are for the original signature. you should not add appended or removed sizes to them


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