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Sony Playstation PSX executables loader for GHIDRA

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Sony Playstation PSX executables loader for GHIDRA

Video tutorial on how to deal with overlays:


  • Install GhidraDev plugin into Eclipse
  • Add your Ghidra installation dir
  • Import this repository into Eclipse
  • Do GhidraDev -> Link Ghidra...
  • Press GhidraDev -> Export -> Ghidra module extension...


  • Open Ghidra, go to File -> Install Extensions... and select the .zip file generated by the previous step

Analysing PSYQ LIBs and OBJs

  • In case you have a directory with OBJ-files extracted from a LIB-file, create an empty PSYQ_LIBNAME_XXX file, where LIBNAME is your LIB-file name (for ex. LIBSND) and XXX is PSYQ version number according to this list.
  • In case you want to batch-import all OBJ-files for a LIB-file or import a standalone OBJ-file (like 8MBYTE.OBJ), create an empty PSYQ_XXX file, where XXX is PSYQ version number according to this list.

Moving from projects created without ghidra_psx_ldr

  • On your project: Set Language, choose PSX, Yes, Yes, OK
  • Script Manager->PSX GTE folder, run CreateGteMacSegment script
  • Reanalyze

Decompiling GTE macroses in your old projects

  • Reanalyze. It will create a special segment with GTE macro handlers. If you have some Ghidra project which has been created before 01/22/2022, in order to decompile any GTE related stuff it requires to undefine (select disasm lines and press C) and disassemble (press D) instructions again, because Ghidra's decompiler uses disasm and Pcodes information stored in a project.

Fixing a problem with "psyq/xx" cannot be found:

  • Go to Edit->Options for 'blabla'->Program information->PsyQ Version field
  • Add .0 there Screen8

Patches format (example here)

  • ~ - is for replacing some pattern in a signature. check field is the original bytes in the signature to compare with
  • + - is for adding some pattern in a signature
  • - - is for removing some pattern from a signature

! pos fields are for the original signature. you should not add appended or removed sizes to them


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