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Bindman-DNS Webhook

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This repository lays out the pieces of code of a Bindman-DNS webhook.

The libraries present here should be used in order to ease out integrations among clients and managers.

Clients and Managers

The objective behind this project is to automate the management of DNS records of a number of different DNS Server providers.

  • Clients are pieces of software that has the knowledge of services being added and removed from your cluster. Depending of the technology adopted, they may be able to identify which hostname was attached to that service. With that information in hands, the client can then delegate the modification of a DNS Record to a Bindman DNS manager.

  • Managers are pieces of software that receives requests from clients to modify its DNS Server records.


Two samples are provided in the samples folder.

  • client: demonstrates how one can leverage the client library to communicate with the DNS manager webhook APIs. It is configured via the BINDMAN_DNS_MANAGER_ADDRESS which defines the address of the manager instance.

  • hook: demonstrates how one can leverage the hook library to receive requests modifying the DNS records it manages.

A postman collection is provided (samples/bindman-dns-webhook-samples.postman_collection.json) thats lays out the available apis and how to communicate with them.

To build and run the samples just type docker-compose up from the samples folder.


Defines the webhook needed by a Bindman DNS Manager in order to ease out integrations among clients and managers




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