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OSMTracker stands for OpenStreetMap Tracker. It allows you to track your journey and mark significant way points. Way points can be marked with a tag using a button, with a quick voice record, a text note or by taking a picture. The various button pages and layouts [can be customized](Custom buttons layouts) to suit your OpenStreetMap activities. You can view your current track on top of an OpenStreetMap background.

The track is then exported in GPX format, ready to use in OSM tools like JOSM.

This project has been mainly inspired (if not cloned !) by the great OSMTracker for Windows Mobile devices. I used it for months before switching to an Android device, and as there didn't seem to be any equivalent for Android, I started to develop it myself.

It's still a work in progress and needs a lot of testing and improvements. Please read the known limitations before using it. You can help by submitting patches for new features or issues, or by Translating, like many generous contributors have already done.

Available via Android Market (Scan following barcode) or as a download on this website. Feel free to post a new issue for any inquiries or help.

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