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An AMP version of the Minimal theme for GitHub Pages or another Jekyll host.


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The AMP Minimal Theme

This theme is based on the Minimal Github Pages theme, which is in turn based on @orderedlist's Minimal.

The Theme has been updated to be compatible with Google's AMP Project. Therefore their is custom information located below, in the Google AMP Limitations section, to help you use this theme.


  1. Fork the project

  2. Download the Zip and create your own repository.

  3. Clone the Project

    git clone

Than use this theme just like any other Jekyll theme.

Examples of Use

  • Running with some custom CSS

Tyler La Fronz's Portfolio


Configuration variables

Minimal will respect the following variables, if set in your site's _config.yml:

title: [The title of your site]
description: [A short description of your site's purpose]

Additionally, you may choose to set the following optional variables:

show_downloads: ["true" or "false" to indicate whether to provide a download URL]
google_analytics: [Your Google Analytics tracking ID]


If you'd like to customize the styling:

  1. Open the file _includes/style.scss
  2. Ensure that the following code is located at the top:
    @import "jekyll-theme-minimal";
  3. Add any custom CSS (or Sass, including imports) you'd like immediately after the @import line


If you'd like to change the theme's HTML layout:

  1. Open and edit the file called /_layouts/default.html in your site
  2. Customize the layout as you'd like

Keep in mind: AMP does not allow inline styling, or JS files.

Google AMP Limitations

Google AMP sets many strict limits on what you can include in your web pages. A few of these are worth talking about:

Limitation: All CSS must be inline which is automaticly generated from the _includes/style.scss.

Because of this, the main css file for this site is in _includes/style.scss instead of in the normal css/ Jekyll folder. This css file is inlined into the header of every page via the special scssify filter in _layouts/default.html.

Limitation: Size all resources statically

Every image you include in your page must have a height and width. This also applies to other things like embedding videos or other resources. Check below for more details.

Writing Posts with Google AMP

Writing posts works just like it does normally in Jekyll except when you want to include extra resources likes pictures, videos, embedded Twitter posts, etc.

Google AMP has it's own set of special html tags for including content. You should use these instead of normal Markdown or HTML tags.

The one you are most likely to need is <amp-img>:

Images in your posts

<amp-img width="600" height="300" layout="responsive" src="/assets/images/your_picture.jpg"></amp-img>

Embedding other types of content

The AMP Project provides helpers for many other types of content like audio, ads, Google Analytics, etc.

Validating your page with Google AMP

Google AMP adds built-in validation logic to make sure your pages follow all the rules so they render as fast as possible.

To check your page, just add #development=1 to any url on your site and then check the javascript console in your browser.


You will either see a success message:

Powered by AMP ⚡ HTML – Version 1457112743399
AMP validation successful.

Or you will see a list of errors to fix:

Powered by AMP ⚡ HTML – Version 1457112743399
AMP validation had errors:
The attribute 'style' may not appear in tag 'span'
The attribute 'style' may not appear in tag 'div'


An AMP version of the Minimal theme for GitHub Pages or another Jekyll host.








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