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By Tyler La Fronz

go get




Vanago is a simple webserver that allows anyone to host custom vanity urls for their Go import paths.

How to Use

  1. Set the Environment variables:

    Name Default Description
    PORT 8080 Port to Open Server On
    vcsBase URL base that your Git Repos are hosted on
    vcsTeamName lafronzt Team or User Name
    vcsLinkMiddle / used to separate the team name from the repo name
    projectName Personal Used to Log the Project name in requests
    indexRedirect URL to redirect the naked index request to
  2. Run the server

    go install

Why I made it

As part of my push to have a better understand of Go, I started reading about how the go get command works. After learning how it functioned, I was searching around for any tool that would allow me to customize my go import paths. I was unable to find anything that really fit my needs or was dynamic enough for me to use for both public and private packages. So I created Vanago, which I now use to run my Go import path.


I am looking to expand this in the future to support multiple Teams/Users on the same URL.