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Developement of a wrapper between ViSP and Unity engine


This project contains:

  • a C++ wrapper between ViSP and Unity. This wrapper available in vispWrapper folder needs to be linked with ViSP.
  • a Unity project available in unityProject folder that shows how to use this wrapper to build a demo to illustrate:
    • augmented reality displaying a virtual cube over an AprilTag
    • generic model-based tracking of a cube with an AprilTag glued on one cube face.

This project is compatible with Ubuntu, MacOS and Windows platforms.

Augmented Reality in Unity using ViSP

  • The corresponding Unity scene is available in unityProject/Assets/Scenes/scene_ar.unity.
  • On each new image AprilTag is detected and localized in 3D.
  • A virtual red cube is projected in the scene over the tag thanks to the tag pose estimated with respect to the camera frame.
  • Check the video demonstration on YouTube:

Generic Model-Based Tracking in Unity using ViSP

  • The corresponding Unity scene is available in unityProject/Assets/Scenes/scene_mbt.unity.
  • The tracker initialization is performed using the AprilTag pose. When tracking fails, the tag is again used to initialize the tracker. Thus to start the demo or to recover from a tracking failure, the user has to present the face of the cube that has the tag toward the camera.
  • When selecting Plane > Inspector the user can modify camera parameters, cube size and tag size to make the demo working with its own material.
  • Check the video demonstration on YouTube:

Check wiki of repository for more details about this project usage: implementation, tutorial on building using Visual Studio and running demo on Unity.

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