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Pixy is a declarative graph query language that works on any Tinkerpop-compatible graph database. The Tinkerpop API provides a common interface to over a dozen graph databases, including Neo4J, Titan, InfiniteGraph, OrientDB, DEX and Bitsy. By leveraging the Tinkerpop software stack, Pixy offers a portable, high-performance alternative to proprietary query languages like Cypher (Neo4J).

Pixy enables complex pattern matching and logic programming on graph databases by translating PROLOG-style rules and goals to Gremlin traversals that represent graph traversal operations. Queries in Pixy can also be seemlessly integrated into Gremlin expressions. The combination of Pixy and Gremlin gives the programmer the full power of two graph querying paradigms, viz. graph pattern matching and graph traversal.

Pixy is an open-source contribution from LambdaZen, the maker of the Bitsy Graph Database, and is available under the Apache 2.0 license. The project was motivated from the need for a portable graph query language based on pattern matching (rather than graph traversal) that could attract a wider audience to the Tinkerpop software stack. Although all testing is done with Bitsy, the goal of this project is to be portable and vendor-neutral.

Please report your feedback, comments and suggestions to pixy (at), or as issues in this project. You can report bugs using Pixy on any Tinkerpop-compatible graph database. Contributions (pull requests) from vendors and enthusiasts are welcome.

Deep dive

What's with the name

Pixy. A fairylike or elfin creature, especially one that is mischievous; a playful sprite.

Synonym for Gremlin

Acronym for "Patterns in X Y"

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