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Welcome to the culerity wiki!

Known Problems / Troubleshooting

I installed jruby via rvm and culerity doesn’t work


if you get an error message from the jruby process that some gems could not be found, try setting this in your env.rb

Culerity.jruby_invocation = 'RUBYOPT="" ' + File.expand_path("~/.rvm/bin/celerity_jruby")

trying to activate an “onmouseover” event using the #fire_event instance I get a “NoMethodErrror”

you are probably using the (old) rubyforge version of celerity. try the github version instead. (thanks to @jamescallmebrent)

The Java process isn’t shut down which results in processes piling up (Ubuntu)

this has been reported by @josevalim and i haven’t been able to reproduce this. here’s his solution: add an exit(0) call to the on_exit block in common_celerity.rb

 at_exit do

I’ve also had this happen to me under 10.5.7 — @Caius

I want culerity to run faster!

jRuby v1.5 (and, I think, v1.4) has an option called nailgun that spawns a JVM that all other instances of jruby then connect to. This saves the boot time for a JVM each time you run a jruby command. This can make culerity run significantly faster. To setup:

  • Run jruby --ng-server in a separate shell
  • Make sure the jruby call that culerity uses passes the --ng flag. Perhaps the easiest way to do this is to set ENV["JRUBY_OPTS"]="--ng"
  • You’re done! First time through you won’t notice any difference, but subsequent runs should be much faster.
  • NOTE: Passing the --ng option without first setting up the nailgun server will cause this error:
     connect: Connection refused 

sometimes there are old emails in the ActiveMailer queue

  • If you have problems with old mails appearing in the mail queue then you can find a proposed fix here: . As of culerity 0.2.12 / 16. Nov. 2010 that problem is not yet fixed in the git repository.

cucumber fails with `require’: no such file to load — culerity/celerity_server (LoadError)

  • See this thread
    One solution is to use RVM, the other to install culerity in jruby’s path: jruby -S gem install culerity

related tools

  • modified timecop by @liangzan: freeze time even across processes, i.e. you can call timecop to change the time in the rails webserver process


sending emails

  • if you need to test sending of mails, then you need to set config.action_mailer.delivery_method = :persistent inside your environments/culerity.rb. You can find the rationale here: .
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