Laboratório de Automação e Robótica (LARA) - University of Brasília
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Welcome to our Repository!

Here you will find information on our projects, databases, APIs and other developments from our team

Current Projects

  • AMORA: The Autonomous Mobile Robot Algorithms (AMORA) project aims to enable our Pioneer 3 robots to perform simple tasks autonomously. In order to do so, we plan to integrate state-of-the-art algorithms in path planning, navigation, SLAM, object recognition and others within the ROS framework.

  • CLARA: A research and development project funded by Brazilian Ministry of Health for development of a medical robot for endoscope holding during laparoscopic surgery procedures. The robot moves the endoscopic camera according to surgeon commands by voice or a hand joystick

Closed Projects

Platforms and equipments

  • Aramis: mobile robot platform based on Pioneer P3 base, equipped with 3D Vision, GPS/INS data fusion system, sonar ring and WiFi. Software run on Linux and ROS. This repository commom to the three platforms used at LARA: Athos, Porthos and Aramis.

  • Cyton: Cyton Alpha 7D1G is a 7 DOF Robot Arm developed by Robai. It presents 9 servo motors controlled by a SSC-32 board. However, the servo motors does not provide position feedback. For this reason, the Cyton Alpha only allows open-loop projects, restricting a lot the possibilities of development. This project has as main goal closing the loop of the Cyton arm and developing a Matlab-Arduino user interface with some functions

  • Kyle_XY_and Jesse_XX: small mobile manipulators used for teaching.

  • Meka Manipulador: Meka is a compliant manipulator. The Meka repository aims to enable and prepare the Meka Robotics A2 Arm to be used in other projects which require a compliant robotic manipulator. In order to do that it is necessary to develop and implement control techniques, kinematics and dynamics for the robot. All that is being done using ROS, C/C++, python, V-REP and the A2 Arm provided codes.

  • Porthos: ROS packages for Pioneer 3AT, the Porthos robot, useable for both simulation and real robot operation.


APIs, libraries, software tools

  • gDataLogger: data logger library written in C language for real-time, multithreading projects. Samples for pthread, RTAI and XENOMAI. Data is saved in .mat file, allowing reading in Matlab scripts.

  • gMatrix: Matrix data type and linear algebra functions in C language for real-time and embedded platforms.

How to's and guides

Other documents

The following links are from documents prepared by LARA users for other LARA users and the community.

  • DOCUMENTS: This repository contains templates, manuals and scripts created at the Automation and Robotics Laboratory (LARA). It also contains data and open calls for projects and scholarships focused on LARA users and teams.

  • Modelo de tese e dissertação: Thesis and dissertation models for sharetex

  • TGs: undergratuate thesis of LARA students (incomplete, under development due to GitHub's storage limitation)