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This is the repository for the community portal. The code is entirely open source and licensed under the MIT license. Feel free to contribute to the portal by sending in a pull request.

Table of Contents


We use Laravel Homestead for local development. Please review the Homestead documentation to install it.

In order to compile stylesheets you will also need Ruby, Sass, and Compass installed.


  1. Clone this repository: git clone laravelio/
  2. Update your Homestead.yml with the following settings:
    1. Add the path for the cloned repository to the folders list
    2. Add a site lio.loc for the repository to the sites list
    3. Add a database called laravelio to the databases list
    4. Run homestead provision
  3. SSH into your Homestead box and run the following commands:
    1. composer install
    2. php artisan migrate --seed --env=local
  4. Add lio.loc to your computer's hosts file
  5. Follow the configuration steps below to configure the external services

Configuration relies on some key services to function, namely Github OAuth authentication and the Google ReCaptcha service. Follow the steps below to fill in the credentials in your custom .env file.

  1. Create an application in your github account called something like " Development" and add your Github application's client id, secret and url to the .env file. Your GitHub application should be set up as follows.

    Full URL: http://lio.loc
    Callback URL: http://lio.loc/auth/github

  2. Register a new website for the Google ReCaptcha service and fill in the site key and secret key in the .env file.

You can now visit the app in your browser by visiting http://lio.loc/.


Because we keep the generated / minified css out of the repository, we must have a workflow for compiling the styles.

  • To compile stylesheets, we'll need Compass. Install Compass by running sudo apt-get install ruby-compass when ssh'd into your Homestead box.
  • When running any Compass command in the terminal, be sure to run it from your /public folder.
  • Compass is the tool used to compile Sass source files into CSS files; you can run compass compile to run it once, or compass watch to trigger a script that will watch your Sass files for changes and trigger a new compass compile on each change


The portal is currently maintained by Dries Vints. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us through the support widget on the website.


Please see the contributing guide for details.

Security Vulnerabilities

If you discover a security vulnerability within, please send an email immediately to Dries Vints at Do not create an issue for the vulnerability.


The MIT License. Please see the license file for more information.