Adds paket support to cake.
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Adds Paket support to Cake via a Cake addin and module.

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Allows the use of paket preprocessor directives and commands

// tools
#tool paket:?package=NUnit.ConsoleRunner&group=main
#tool paket:?package=JetBrains.ReSharper.CommandLineTools

// addins
#addin paket:?package=Cake.Figlet&group=build/setup
#addin paket:?package=Cake.Paket


// Restores packages
Task("Paket-Restore").Does(() =>

// Creates a nuget package
Task("Paket-Pack").Does(() =>

// Push a nuget package
Task("Paket-Push").IsDependentOn("Paket-Pack").Does(() =>
    PaketPush("./NuGet/foo.nupkg", new PaketPushSettings { ApiKey = "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000" });


instead of using NuGet

// tools
#tool nuget:?package=NUnit.ConsoleRunner&version=3.4.0
#tool nuget:?package=JetBrains.ReSharper.CommandLineTools

// addins
#addin nuget:?package=Cake.Figlet&version=0.3.1


// Restores packages
Task("NuGet-Restore").Does(() =>

// Creates a nuget pacakge
Task("NuGet-Pack").Does(() =>
    NuGetPack("bar.nuspec", new NuGetPackSettings{OutputDirectory = "./NuGet"});

// Push a nuget pacakge
Task("NuGet-Push").IsDependentOn("Paket-Pack").Does(() =>
    NuGetPush("./NuGet/foo.nupkg", new NuGetPushSettings{ApiKey = "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000"});


Quick Start


If you want to use paket instead of nuget in the preprocessor directive e.g. #tool paket:?package=Cake.Foo and/or #addin paket:?package=Cake.Bar then you need to use Cake.Paket.Module.

  • Get the modified cake bootstrapper script, then create a tools dependency group and add Cake to your paket.dependencies file
    group tools
        nuget Cake
  • Create a modules dependency group and add Cake.Paket.Module to your paket.dependencies file
    group modules
        nuget Cake.Paket.Module
  • Now you can use paket instead of nuget in the preprocessor directive.

Cake.Paket (addin)

If you need to use paket commands such as restore, pack, and push then add #addin paket:?package=Cake.Paket if your using the Cake.Paket.Module, otherwise add #addin nuget:?package=Cake.Paket and #tool nuget:?package=Paket.

Note that if you use #addin nuget:?package=Cake.Paket you can use the cake teams default bootstrappers build.ps1 and/or

Example Project

Cake.Paket.Example is an example project which uses Paket with Cake. Additionally, the project for the paket addin and module is another good resource, see build.cake.


See the Documentation for additional help.


All types of contributions are welcome! Please see the Contributing guidlines.


Feel free to open an issue or @larzw me via Gitter


  • Copyright (c) .NET Foundation and Contributors - Cake icon
  • Copyright (c) 2015 Alexander Groß, Steffen Forkmann - Paket icon
  • Paket icon used with the consent of Paket Team