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Hydra Order Management System (HOMS)

HOMS is an open source web application for order and business process management.

Application consists of three parts:

  • User interface - managing orders and tasks for registered users (Single Page Application).
  • Administrator interface - managing users and order types.
  • REST API - operations with orders and users.




The prefered way to install HOMS is to use Docker.

In production

  1. Download docker-compose.yml and default .env config file:

    wget -O .env

    📌 All variables are set in .env file. There you can change them, if you want to.

  2. For OS X users: make path to folder with config shared in Docker -> Preferences... -> File Sharing.

  3. Set SECRET_KEY_BASE variable in your .env with uniq id as value. You can generate key with openssl rand -hex 64 command. For example:


    ⚠️ Make sure this key is secret and don't share it with anyone.

  4. Change Minio credentials in .env file. Generate MINIO_ACCESS_KEY and MINIO_SECRET_KEY values with any credentials generator, e.g. pwgen 32 2.

  5. Run docker-compose:

    docker-compose up -d
  6. Navigate to Minio control panel and create a bucket with name equal to MINIO_BUCKET_NAME value from .env file.

  7. Login to HydraOMS with Now you are able to start Pizza Order demo process.

You can login to Camunda Admin inteface with credentials equal to BPM_USER:BPM_PASSWORD values from .env file (user/changeme if these variables aren't set).

In development

  1. Follow the instructions below:

  2. Start webpack-dev-server in source directory:

  3. Start HOMS application in another console tab:

    rails s
  4. Create and seed the database:

    rake db:migrate
    export SEED_DB=true
    rake db:seed
  5. Log in at HydraOMS with


The general development process is:

  1. Fork this repo and clone it to your workstation.
  2. Create a feature branch for your change.
  3. Write code and tests.
  4. Push your feature branch to github and open a pull request against master.

Reporting Issues

Issues can be reported by using GitHub Issues.


HOMS uses RSpec for unit/spec tests. You need to set up different testing database. Otherwise your development DB would be erased.

# Run all tests
bundle exec rspec spec

# Run a single test file
bundle exec rspec spec/PATH/TO/FILE_spec.rb

# Run a subset of tests
bundle exec rspec spec/PATH/TO/DIR


  1. Repo with helper classes for BPMN development.

  2. Example of creating a demo business process.


Copyright (c) 2019 Latera LLC under the Apache License.

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