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Hello LaunchDarkly for Lua
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LaunchDarkly Sample Lua Server-Side Application

We've built a simple console application that demonstrates how LaunchDarkly's SDK works. Below, you'll find the basic build procedure, but for more comprehensive instructions, you can visit your Quickstart page. Use this as a starting point for integrating the lua-server-sdk with your application.


The SDK has two Lua dependencies cjson, and ffi. You can install cjson with: luarocks install lua-cjson. If you are using the Lua interpreter instead of LuaJIT you will need: luarocks install --server= luaffi.

Additionally you need the shared library for the LaunchDarkly c-server-sdk. You can automatically download the lua-server-sdk, and c-server-sdk with The c-server-sdk shared library must be accessible be the linker at run-time.


  1. Install the dependencies described above
  2. Copy your SDK key and feature flag key from your LaunchDarkly dashboard into hello.lua
  3. Run LD_LIBRARY_PATH=. luajit hello.lua or LD_LIBRARY_PATH=. lua hello.lua
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