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Rogue Janitor

A game about cleaning dungeons and hanging out with your comrades. It is playable either on GitHub or on

The Dungeon is a messy place...

It's your first day of work at your new job: Cleaner of the Comrade Dungeon!

By day, your monstrous colleagues protect treasure and beat up adventurers, but by night, every tile of it must be scrubbed by your expert hands. Or as much of it as you have patience for; it's actually a pretty chill job.

Socialize with the biggest, softest monsters

Your monstrous friends hang out in the staff lounge while you work. Take lots of breaks to chat with them about their lives, or how their work day went. Sometimes they'll bring you a little something for lunch; it's a very supportive work environment!

When the day is done, go out for dinner with your colleagues, or have a relaxing night in. The choice is yours!


  • A dynamic, procedurally generated dungeon.
  • A fully simulated dungeon adventure that you miss entirely but get to see the messy aftermath of.
  • A detailed mess system; walk through puddles and track prints everywhere! Gross!
  • Seriously the monsters leave empty coffee mugs and bottles EVERYWHERE.
  • Fake blood; real violence is a strict violation of workplace safety regulations.
  • A secret room with cute fuzzy animals in it. Find them and pet them!
  • A supportive work environment.


Made by Lauren H in about a week and a half, using rot.js.

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