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Layer6 Labs

Research repositories from Layer 6 AI.

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  1. Code for the NeurIPS'17 paper "DropoutNet: Addressing Cold Start in Recommender Systems"

    Python 150 41

  2. 1'st Place Approach by Layer6 AI to the 2018 ACM RecSys Challenge

    Java 82 21

  3. T-Fixup Public

    Code for the ICML'20 paper "Improving Transformer Optimization Through Better Initialization"

    Python 81 10

  4. GSS Public

    Code for the NeurIPS'19 paper "Guided Similarity Separation for Image Retrieval"

    Python 64 7

  5. xpool Public

    Python 64 7

  6. HGCF Public

    Code for the WWW'21 paper "HGCF: Hyperbolic Graph Convolution Networks for Collaborative Filtering"

    Python 42 11



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